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Remote teams: love the way you work.
Love the way you communicate.
Love the way you collaborate.

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Simple and powerful threads

Replace haphazard, chopped real-time communication with organized, simple asynchronous communication with threads.

Deep work and flow

Hyperinbox is a workspace where you can focus on one discussion, one decision at a time.

Unified Inbox

Achieve Inbox Zero and keep your feed clean for all your apps – Figma, Gitlab, Github, and coming soon: Slack, Jira, Google Drive, etc.

Two words. Inbox Zero.

Fly through your notifications and threads with our Inbox Zero feature.
Stop bouncing from one app to the other. Hyperinbox lets you clear your plate of updates in a single sitting.



Threads are much more effective way to communicate for remote teams. Unlike real-time messaging, threads provide enough space for teams to make thoughtful discussions and focused decisions.



Channels can be used to categorize departments, projects, or topics. You can use it as #product, #product-launch, or #product-team. For sensitive discussions, consider using private channels.

Unified Inbox

Stay up to date on your Figma designs and Gitlab, Github updates without ever visiting them. Reply to Gitlab merge requests or Figma comments directly from Hyperinbox.


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Happy users make us happier.

Hyperinbox has been an awesome companion to Slack for us. We use it to keep track of changes made in Figma so that everyone has a FYI on what's being worked on.
Alyssa - Founder @ Seknd

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Why do I have to pay for Hyperinbox?

Paying for our product supports our mission to make remote work awesome.

How long will Private Beta last?

There’s no specific timeline for Private Beta. However, we will lock-in your Private Beta pricing at least for a year.

Who is behind Hyperinbox?

Our team is a small, remotely working startup company distributed across Chicago and Seoul. We're a team of five 👋

Do you offer cancellations/refunds?

Yes. We provide a full refund if you are not satisfied with the app. Send us an email at to request a full refund.


Designed remotely.
Built remotely.